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The Druid's Primer

The Druid's Primer - Luke Eastwood Full disclosure up front, I am reviewing the eBook. I have no idea whether the problems noted below are solely related to the transfer of the text from a physical to a digital format or not.

The author took on an ambitious project and made a solid attempt. The information in this book was helpful, but the format was so distracting that it made it a chore to read and actually disseminate the information. There was not a single chapter that didn't suffer from significant spelling or grammatical errors. Incomplete sentences, run-on sentences, etc. made it difficult to determine the idea expressed without re-reading large sections and making educated guesses based on the intent implied. Outside of these simple errors, there were significant formatting issues. During the history section at the beginning the author jumped between Gaul, Britain, Ireland, and Scotland and between BCE and AD seemingly at random. It almost felt like the author sat down and tried to write the entire book in one pass through and sent it on because the flow seems to follow a logical path until a jarring connection is made between AD Ireland and BCE Gaul without any preparation. This book needs a serious editing in order to ensure flow, grammatical correctness, and informative value. My last issue was that the book purported to put forth a number of facts and sought to analyze a number of historical and anthropological texts in order to educate the reader, yet there were only about 25 footnotes across almost 250 pages. There is a bibliography that notes a wide range of texts and notes that the author relied on a number of unnamed primary sources and oral discussions, but there is no indication of how frequently each text is used. This makes it difficult at times to determine whether the author is citing facts from others or making personal arguments/deductions. All in all, this book had a laudable purpose and made a good effort, but it seriously needs a good editor in a hurry. I would absolutely recommend a heavily edited edition of this book that made it more scholarly and readable.