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A Memory of Light

A Memory of Light - Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson This was the ending this series needed. Everything came to a rather satisfying conclusion, and this book clearly made up for the lack of events in several of the previous installments. The battles were well described and the story lines well written. There are some criticisms that should have been addressed, but overall they do not hinder the enjoyability.

It was nice to see the disparate stories of Rand, Perrin, Mat, and Egwene all converge in a meaningful way that didn't seem unnecessarily forced. I'm also glad that Lan had an important task to fulfill, since he has been a staple of the series. While it seemed a little odd to have five villains handled by the five heroes in the Last Battle, it made good sense within the structure of the story. My only real complaint was with the Sharans and Demandred. I understand that Demandred was out there doing things during the course of the books, and that he had to show up meaningfully sometime. However, his appearance with the Sharans just seemed like it occurred to through a road block at the heroes. So little is spent developing the background for Shara or the leadership of Demandred that it seemed like the authors forgot to actually give Demandred a purpose and through this in as an afterthought. In the same vein, Demandred is so overpowered that he could have essentially defeated the armies of Light in a few hours if he hadn't spent the entire fight challenging Rand. Having a powerful enemy that is distracted and consumed by a hate for the hero is an interesting story telling device. Having an enemy that, despite being distracted, could still single handedly dominate the heroes but chooses not to is a trope that has been comical for years. Demandred is essentially a bond villain that doesn't go to the trouble of actually capturing the hero.

Other than those issues, this was a satisfying conclusion to the series.