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Ubik - Philip K. Dick Amazing story. An interesting blend of science fiction and horror. Enter an alternate world where, by 1992, the countries we know have largely been replaced. Individuals with psionic abilities (telepaths, precogs, and animators (which I can only assume allows the reanimation of dead tissue)) pose a threat. Not a threat to world peace, but to the running of corporations and individual privacy. Luckily, the development of these psionics has been mirrored by the development of "inertials;" individuals with the ability to nullify a psionic's ability. There is no grand conflict between these groups, though it is clear that the man employing the vast majority of psionics would like to eliminate the inertials. When a scheme to damage the most effective inertial company is completed, we enter a story where we cannot be sure what is reality and what is the unreality of "half-life;" a state between death and life which can be maintained through a cryogenic process. The leader of the inertials may be dead or alive, while the fate of his team is equally unclear. All that can be determined is that they exist in a separate, though connecting, reality. The world regresses and the inertials appear to be picked off on by one, with the only hope of salvation existing through the mysterious product Ubik.

I had difficulty putting this story down, mainly because every time I thought I knew what was happening a curve ball was thrown my way. Of the Dick novels I have read, this was the one that best used the potential available from the set-up.